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Did you know that WIFLE is the ONLY non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in federal law enforcement? WIFLE is an acronym for Women in Federal Law Enforcement. Learn more http://wiflemembers.org. Become a WIFLE member!

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August 8 - 11, 2022

Phoenix, Arizona

22nd WIFLE Leadership Training

This podcast, courtesy of the Federal News Network, is 60 minutes of great listening for everyone because it covers a variety of topics linked to the 21st Leadership Training. "Live at the 21st Annual WIFLE Leadership Training"
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WIFLE Foundation Annual Leadership Training

The Annual WIFLE Leadership Training is open to all employees of law enforcement agencies including interns, stay-in-schools, temps, etc. Experts showcase best practices to enhance skills, focus on subjects to navigate and balance your career from the day you start till the day you retire. We hold sessions on suicide, retirement, generational issues in leadership, professional responsibility, and more. Check the WIFLE Foundation website for 2021 details. Registration opens in February 2021.

WIFLE Foundation Awards

The Annual WIFLE Foundation Awards Programs recognize women and men in law enforcement who demonstrated excellence, outstanding dedication and perseverance to their profession. The Awards presentation ceremony is one of the highlights of the Leadership Training.  Agencies can nominate individuals in a multitude of categories. WIFLE is the only nonprofit organization which actively highlights and awards women and men in federal law enforcement.  Check the WIFLE Foundation website for 2020 recipients. Nominations open in February 2021.


The WIFLE Foundation provides scholarships to college students who will enter law enforcement fields and who have excellent academic potential, superior achievement, and a devout commitment to serving their local communities.  WIFLE is proud of the superior accomplishments of all of the Scholarship recipients. Collectively, WIFLE’s honorees have maintained their commitment to academic excellence and to upholding the honorable tenets of the law enforcement profession. Check the WIFLE Foundation website for 2020  recipients. Applications open in February 2021.

WIFLE Mentor Program

NEW in 2020. WIFLE seeks law enforcement volunteers to serve as WIFLE Mentors, a trusted adviser for women and men who are striving to reach their greatest potential in the field of law enforcement.  As an experienced professional, you can provide one-on-one counseling to our WIFLE members and assist them with navigating through their work-related challenges and concerns. Read more about the WIFLE Mentor Program.


WIFLE Newsletters are published quarterly. Articles include news from WIFLE partners and supporters, capture WIFLE activities and future events as well as announce events of importance to law enforcement professionals.  WIFLE Editors are Dorene Erhard and Betsy CaseyRead the current WIFLE Newsletter.

WIFLE Partner Program

WIFLE actively seeks partners and supporters who embrace WIFLE's mission of WIFLE will serve as a voice for all women in federal law enforcement to inform, advise and advocate for the benefits of a diverse workforce to law enforcement partners, policymakers, and Congress.
WIFLE will continue to partner with corporate, not-for-profit, and public institutions to support initiatives, further dialogue on issues, and present training on topics that are fundamental to WIFLE’s mission, vision, and values. To learn more, contact the Executive Director, Catherine W. Sanz and download our Sponsorship brochure.

WIFLE Library Reading Room

WIFLE maintains a webpage with links to articles and downloadable material which may be of interest to WIFLE Members. Visit the Reading Room for more.


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WIFLE Videos

WIFLE maintains a webpage with links to videos which be of interest to Members. Visit the Video page for more.


The tragic death of George Floyd has awakened the consciousness of federal, state, and local law enforcement organizations across the globe. His devastating loss has resulted in a nationwide movement where the ensuing peaceful protests have gained the nation's attention and sparked a clarion call to all police departments to stop the senseless and brutal excessive use of force against African Americans and other minority groups throughout our society.  

Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) stands with our law enforcement communities to condemn the violence by those who have hijacked the peaceful movement as an opportunity to destroy property and shoot and kill police officers.  Our heartfelt condolences are extended to the family of George Floyd -- and all of the families and police departments who have suffered tremendous losses during these incidents of civil unrest.

As a non-profit organization, WIFLE Foundation, Inc. and our membership organization WIFLE, Inc., have been working to change the culture of law enforcement for the past 21 years by increasing the percentages of women in the profession.  Research has shown that female officers are proven as competent as their male counterparts, are less likely to uses excessive force, are less likely to be accused of excessive force, improve law enforcement’s response to violence against women, implement community policing, and reduce problems of sex discrimination and harassment with law enforcement.

In 2016, as a result of the President’s Task Force 21st Century Policing Report, Women in Federal Law Enforcement, along with coalition partners: Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association, National Asian Police Officers Association, National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, National Latino Police Officers Association and National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives developed a document that could be used by law enforcement agencies to help them eliminate institutionalized and systemic barriers to the recruitment, hiring, training, retention and promotion of women and minorities in law enforcement.
For more information on our strategic vision for changing the culture of law enforcement, please read our report on "Transforming Law Enforcement by Changing the Face of Policing.” 

Transforming Law Enforcement by Changing the Face of Policing (PDF)  Submitted to the White House by:  Women in Federal Law Enforcement, along with coalition partners:  Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association, National Asian Police Officers Association, National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, National Latino Police Officers Association and National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

Joint Statement of Support for the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Report:  Citing the Urgent Need for Transformational Culture Change in Policing through the Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of  Women and Minorities Press Release, Joint Statement Supporting 21st Century Policing  

WIFLE stands for Women in Federal Law Enforcement. 
Women in Federal Law Enforcement, Inc. (a professional association) and WIFLE Foundation, Inc. (a charitable and educational organization) are founded under the Internal Revenue Service Codes, 501(c)(6) and 501(c)(3) respectively.


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